Structum – Namas X Contest 2020

We live in a society pressured to follow intense tempo of life. We dance between day and night, work and free time trying to find the rhytm. It is so easy to fall for every new trend, every novelty as it is easy to forget your primal needs. This residential house was once a commercial building brought back for new life. We created this place to retrace and reflect to people and their true selves. Main areas are elevated to a platform and are divided only between each other leaving areas visible and accessible at all times. Only form of privacy is a light curtain. We want to remind and push an individual human being to feel free and open in a place called home. Art pieces play a huge part in this interior and every other carefully made furniture feels like a piece of art itself.
  • Contest

    Structum contest, check full contest info here:

  • Size

    220 sq. m.

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